Ecmanage is suitable to many applications and various markets. For instance, we supply to target groups such as:

  • Manufacturers/suppliers of corporate clothing/workwear
  • Technical wholesalers
  • Transportation
  • Central authorities
  • Offshore
  • Security companies
  • And many more ...

    Such markets and users can effortlessly take their services to a new level with the aid of Ecmanage. Specific advantages for these markets include:

  • Adding an unlimited amount of customers with a personal user environment and one’s own corporate identity
  • Reducing internal hidden costs
  • The possibility of integrations with ERP-systems

    We apply the same conditions for manufacturers and suppliers of workwear. Technical wholesalers can improve their services with the following benefits:

  • Periodical inspection of tools and personal protective equipment
  • Organization of personal equipment in commercial vehicles ( technicians / installers)
  • Personal items