Additional modules

We also offer additional modules for suppliers who want to make their customer environments even more specific.

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Extra: Your customer gets his own layout

By default, you can upload your customer's logo and use house styles.

In an extra module, it is possible to use Ecmanage in a completely different style, with your own URL and your own look in e-mail templates.

Extra: Extensive complaints registration

All complaints that your customer has about clothing, delivery times, etc. are made transparent.

Extra: Projects module

It is possible to link orders to projects or cost centres.

Extra: stock module

Ecmanage offers the possibility to keep track of the stock by means of the stock module.

Extra: Address validation

This module ensures that all addresses in Ecmanage can be checked and supplemented. This check is done on the basis of postcode and house number.

Extra: Webshop module

With the webshop module, a page can be created on the internet so that the website can be found.

Extra: Integrations with 


A copy of each order is sent by e-mail. If there are a large number of orders, it becomes convenient to automate this.

Self-registration module

For example, it is now possible for self-employed to register themselves.